Newsletter Advertising Rates


Tracy Larkin Cox
3400 Ness Cliff Way
Carmichael, CA 95608


You may order advertising online, using the buttons below.  Once we receive your payment we will contact you to get the ad copy and any pertinent details.

Please see Page 2 of any Newsletter Issue beginning with Fall 2014 for additional information on formatted advertisements.


One Black & White Whole Pages

$83.00 USD

One Color Whole Pages

$161.00 USD

Two Color Whole Pages

$268.00 USD

Three Color WholePages

$432.00 USD

Four Color Whole Pages

$572.00 USD

Inside Front Cover

$286.00 USD

Inside Back Cover

$234.00 USD

Outside Back Cover

$364.00 USD

Additional Black & White Photograph

$10.00 USD

Additional Color Photograph

$21.00 USD

New Title 

Pre-formatted one photograph Black & White

$52.00 USD

Quarter Page

Black & White

Casual Fun Photo of your Saluki.

No Award or Win Photos for this option.

$21.00 USD

Quarter Page


No Award or Win photos for this option. 

Casual Fun Photo of your Saluki.

$40.00 USD

“Litteraly speaking”

Just Text

    Advertise your upcoming litter.

$16.00 USD


Black & White

Advertise your newly imported or exported Saluki.

$26.00 USD