Winter Newsletter Advertisement Deadline:  

December 30th

Showcase your dogs with a color or black and white photo advertisement.  Paying for your newsletter ad is easy using PayPal.  Or you can send a check to our editor made out to the ASA.

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Camera ready ads are very much appreciated. Don’t know how to submit a camera ready ad? Contact our newsletter editor, Tracey Larkin Cox.  The ASA Newsletter staff has several graphic artists who can help you with or do your ad for you.  


Starting with the Summer issue the ASA Newsletter will be mailed to all Saluki Breeder Judges and Sighthound judges.
Your advertising will NOW be seen by many judges as well as the membership.


In keeping with one of the traditions of the American Saluki Assoc. we are proud to present our next medallion.  Every 5 years or so we look for a new image to grace this wonderful trophy. The artwork chosen for this next series of medallions was drawn by artist Betty Providenti. 

These medallions are paid for by donations made on your dues renewals.  They are presented to the top 5 winners at each Regional Trophy Supported Entry each year. This year we are starting a new tradition and presenting medallions to the top 5 winners at the Perpetual Trophy Supported Entry Celebration at Lompoc. 

The medallion will be in a nickel finish with a black enamel outer ring.

Volunteers needed for the following positions:

2020 ASA Desert Match –  Chairman

2020 Caravanserai – Committee Chairman and Assistants

2020 Celebration Coordinator – Trophy Chairman, Morning Hospitality & After Judging Hospitality

Membership dues are now past due!!

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MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: We have taken contact information for all officers off of the website due to continual spamming, phishing and fraudulent activity.  If you would like a digital copy of the current ASA Membership, please contact the ASA Secretary.  Also, you must be a member to request and receive your Membership listing.  Thank you!