Approved by the Board December 2013

The Guidelines committee was composed of Jennifer Fox, Jack Helder, Donna Kappmeier and Jackie Wassenaar. In addition, during 2006-2007, Rae Ann Hanna spent uncountable hours researching club records. She put together a complete and updated set of guidelines in electronic format. The current committee is extremely grateful for that document as it is the basis from which we made our updates.

We are embarking on a new procedure for updating our guidelines. In the past, updates were done very rarely and only as a new, complete set of guidelines. Now that the guidelines are in electronic format, updates will eventually be made as they occur which will give us the most current procedures to use for each position. At this time, Section 1000-Officers and Board of Directors has been updated. In the next several months, updates will be made to Section 2000-Committee Chairs and Section 3000-Miscellaneous. These updates will be presented to the Board for approval as they are completed.

The ASA Guidelines are now published on the club website to provide you with easy access to the job descriptions of the many positions available within the Club. Members can determine which position(s) is best suited to their personal talents. We hope this will inspire you to volunteer.

If you would like to download a copy of the entire guidelines, please click here.