On behalf of the Guidelines committee, I am pleased to present to our membership a completely revised and updated set of
Guidelines from which to run the American Saluki Association. This has been a year-long effort led by Jennifer Fox,
Guidelines Committee Chair. Special thanks to Susan Schroder, Mary Ann Lillemo, Karen Chen, CynDee Hahn, Linda
Griffin, Pat Gillis, Tracy Larkin Cox, Tina Turley Kocab and Susan Jackson for their proofing, corrections and contributions
to their respective sections.

We have completely digitized our guidance and brought our Association procedures into line with other nonprofit
organizations. Corrections and updates will be much easier in the future.
Please note that we have four new sections (Companion Events, Marketing, Facebook and Website) as well as several
combined guidelines. Our goal was to make using the Guidelines “one stop shopping” so that all of the tasks needed for a
chair could be found in one place. For example, we moved the guidance for the Brahma II cup up next to the Lure Course
Master Guideline. Another example would be the combination and location of the Celebration Weekend Guidelines in
sequence. Thus, guidance for various events and committees is no longer scattered throughout the document.
We hope that this user friendly, easy to access edition will inspire our members to volunteer. Our Association needs and
wants people to help out. ASA has a great heritage and we want to continue on with the traditions that were established
over fifty years ago.

Think about volunteering. You’ll meet new people and contribute to a truly worthwhile organization which is dedicated to
the fulfillment and perpetuation of the Saluki breed.

Thank you for volunteering,

Nancy Leising, President
May 2020

Click here to download the 2020 ASA Guidelines