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Check out the upcoming Saluki Lure Coursin, Open Field Coursing & Conformation Events.

Open Field Coursing

ASA is a member club of the National Open Field Coursing Association (NOFCA) and runs three breed hunts annually under NOFCA rules. This is the maximum number permitted by NOFCA.

Each of these breed hunts offers a perpetual trophy to winning salukis owned by ASA members.

For more information contact our ASA Huntmasters: MaryAnn Lillemo, Karon Lonero, Susan Schroder & Kathleen Tigan


Lure Coursing

ASA is a member of the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA).

Our ASA Lure Coursemaster is CynDee Hahnn at:


If you have a field trial you’d like to advertise, please contact CynDee at the above address.



  November 14, 2021
December 18, 2021
November 27, 2021
January 1, 2022
February 6, 2022


ASA Sponsored Hunts

ASA membership: In order to win an ASA Cup, at least one owner of the dog must be an ASA member in good standing BEFORE the hunt is run. Membership info can be found here: https://americansalukiassociation.com/member/ and will be available at the draw. If you are not a member you do not win the trophy.

ISHTAN CUP – Sun., Nov. 14, 2021. Opens Tues., Oct. 12; closes Tues., Nov. 4. Judge: JJ – James Jones

CHRISTMAS CUP – Sat., Dec. 18, 2021. Opens Tues., Nov. 16; closes Tues., Dec. 8. Judge: Bill Steve Downs

SUKI CUP – Sat., Nov. 27, 2021 (New Mexico). Hosted and run by SWCC pursuant to SWCC’s hunt premium.

FATIMEH CUP – Sat., Jan. 1, 2022 (New Mexico). Hosted and run by SWCC pursuant to SWCC’s hunt premium.

MIA CUP – Sun., Feb. 6, 2022. Opens Tuesday, Jan. 4 closes Tues., Jan. 26. Judge: JJ  – James Jones


Handlers. Maximum 2 dogs per handler including unentered dogs, no exceptions.

Entries of more than 2 dogs per family unit will be subject to additional handler requirements depending on the makeup of the field, in order to ensure adequate gallery. Any additional requirements will not be imposed arbitrarily but may operate selectively due to entry priorities.

Entry fees and forms. $35 per dog for entries received on or before Closing Day (includes mandatory contribution to NOFCA’s Coursing Defense Fund as well as NOFCA per capita fee). Late entries and day-of-hunt entries may be accepted at the Hunt Secretary’s discretion and are subject to an additional $10 late fee. Separate entries are required for each family unit and for each hunt, on the official NOFCA entry form, completed, signed and accompanied by the required entry fees. If entering more than 2 dogs, you must provide a separate check for each additional dog over 2. In addition, please number them in order of preference for entry. Except as required under NOFCA Rule 6d, refunds and substitutions are at the Hunt Secretary’s discretion, but will generally be allowed prior to Closing Day (refunds) or prior to draw (substitutions).

Submit entries to the Hunt Secretary, Susan Schroder, by mail only. Entry fees payable to “ASA” are $35 or may be paid on the ASA website via PayPal with convenience fee, please note transaction fee # on entry. This will be your time stamp.

No fax or phone entries. Email entries will be taken on a trial basis this season. Send to shelby421@mac.com with PayPal info. Incomplete entries will be treated as pending until complete. Email notification will be attempted on receipt of incomplete entries.

Please include your email address and cell phone number on every entry.

Include a NOFCA / Covid -19 Liability waiver with the first hunt you enter for everyone in your party.

Checks must be payable to “ASA”
mail entries here: Susan Schroder, ASA HS, 3320 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110
Email: shelby421@mac.com ph: 415-235-3109

Closes: November 24, 2021



  March 16-20, 2022

 York, PA

Liberty Saluki Club Specialties

  July 14- 17, 2022

 Madison, OH

Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialties

  November 25-28, 2022

 Chandler, AZ

ASA Perpetual Trophy Celebration

Celebration judge is Karin Hedberg, Sweden, Kashmani Salukis.
Saturday judge will be Jaun Carlos Vasconsellos, Paraguay, Anjal Salukis.