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Check out the upcoming Saluki Lure Coursin, Open Field Coursing & Conformation Events.

Open Field Coursing

ASA is a member club of the National Open Field Coursing Association (NOFCA) and runs three breed hunts annually under NOFCA rules. This is the maximum number permitted by NOFCA.

Each of these breed hunts offers a perpetual trophy to winning salukis owned by ASA members.

For more information contact our ASA Huntmasters: MaryAnn Lillemo, Karon Lonero, Susan Schroder & Kathleen Tigan


Lure Coursing

ASA is a member of the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA).

Our ASA Lure Coursemaster is CynDee Hahnn at:


If you have a field trial you’d like to advertise, please contact CynDee at the above address.



  October 14-16, 2022

Lebanon, TN

ASA Trophy Supported Entry

Friday October 14th:
Cumberland Valley Hound Association
Breed Judge: Mr. Daniel J Smyth Esq.
Group Judge: Mrs. Priscilla A Gabosch
Saturday October 15th:
Tri-Star Kennel Club of Williamson County
ASA Trophy Supported Entry
Breed Judge: Mrs. Priscilla A Gabosch
Group Judge: Jason Hoke
BIS Judge: Mr. Daniel J Smyth Esq.
Sunday October 16th:
Tri-Star Kennel Club of Williamson County
Breed Judge: Mr. Joe C Walton
Group Judge: Mr. Daniel J Smyth Esq.
BIS Judge: Patricia A Sosa

Premium List

  November 25-28, 2022

 Chandler, AZ

ASA Perpetual Trophy Celebration

Friday November 25th Scottsdale Dog Fanciers:
Breed Judge: Nancy Leising (Castlebay Salukis)
Group Judge: Joe Walton
57th Annual Desert Match (Friday Afternoon)
Judge: TBD
Saturday November 26th Scottsdale Dog Fanciers:
Breed Judge: Jaun Carlos Vasconsellos, Paraguay (Anjal Salukis)
Group Judge: Bryan Martin
Sunday November 27th Scottsdale Dog Fanciers:
59th ASA Annual Perpetual Trophy Celebration
Breed Judge: Karin Hedberg, Sweden (Kashmani Salukis)
Group Judge: Scott Pfeil