Judging Program


2018 Winners

SALUKIS Judge: Mrs.  Bitte Ahrens Primavera

Sobers Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds &

Bracco Italiano, Rome, Italy


Best of Breed

GCHS AURORA'S RHYTHM OF MY HEART:  By GCHG Aurora's The Song and Dance Man - CH Aurora's What's Love Got To Do With It. Dog. Owner & Breeder:  Julie L. Mueller & Eugene Blake

Best of Winners

KRIMZYN MOON SHADOW FOR MASTERPIECE. By GCHB Dadaelis Bzantium Kokkinos Pethi - GCH Odi Et Amo Senta Krimzyn Karmel Drizzle Elessar, SC. Dog. Owner: Susan Payne & Susan Manthou.  Breeder: Kathleen Jones.

Best of Opposite Sex

GCHB KUSHIEL'S TO SOLACE MY HEART, SC:  By GCH Freespirits As You Like it - GCH Dadaelis Kushiel's Chosen of T'Cal. Bitch. Owner:  Laura Studer & Erika Parton & Britanny Parton.  Breeder: Erika Parton, Brittany Parton & Michelle Parton

Select Dog

GCH Impala Red Headed Stranger: By GCH Z'Bee Che Bellina Dante - CH Impala Habanero, JC. Dog. Owner & Breeder:  Lois Ann Snyder

Select Bitch

GCH Khiva's Lily: By Baklava's Rafi Rasil of Khiva - GCH Khiva's Tova. Bitch. Owner:  SueSan Ghaemmaghami.  Breeder:  Valerie Hamilton

Awards Of Merit

GCHP Impala Ladies Love Outlaws, JC, CGC, RN: By GCH Z'Bee Che Bellina Dante - CH Impala Hamanero, JC.  Dog. Owner:  Lois Ann Snyder, Emerson Jaquish, Derek Aube.  Breeder:  Lois Ann Snyder.

GCH Mazada Mata Shiraz Life Is a Song Worth Living: By GCH Z'Bee's The Time of Your Life at Mazada - CH Shiraz Khan D'Lyla.  Bitch. Owner:  Cindy Taylor.  Breeder:  Cindy Taylor & Brian Bath & Ute Lennartz & Elena Edwards

GCH Timaru Lalique:  By GCH Jazirat Samarkand, JC - GCH Khiva's Iona, JC.  Bitch. Owner & Breeder: John & Leslie Brabyn.